Summary Chapter 46

Pop singer Anna was invited to give an interview at the studio. Host makes note how young she appears to be. Anna thanks one Ms Sena for her hard work, who has been her mentor since the age of 10. A real sister. She admits having some kind of problem in the past, but is alright now. She even has a boyfriend. Host goes mad... newspapers tries to speculate the ring on her finger.

After the interview, Anna's manager Mr. Sin asks Anna what the hell was that? Anna apologizes, but says that the manager feels like a brother.

Cut-scene to news reporters trying to ask Anna about her latest admission to get some experience in her new role as a student by enrolling in Frost's school. Jealous woman looks on.

Female colleague of Assistant Yoon asks about the new good-looking professor Dr Frost, and Assistant Yoon tells her it's a man.

In the meantime, the psychology department is wondering about the sudden increase of students trying to enroll in the lecture. (Anna fans...) Dr Frost looks at the camera pen and says it's well hidden, and tells Assistant Yoon about an experiment he has in mind. He then tells the faculty he'll be the lecturer.

Students speculate who the new teacher is. A student asks Frost about grading. Frost says it will not be based on exams or attendance but on an essay topic, Lacan's "Desire of Others". Lacan said that we are not able to know fully the desire of ourselves, and goes on to explain its relevance in mental health. Most of the student leaves. Frost continues, if anyone has problem that they want to talk about, come by counseling.

Assistant wonders why Professor Frost is really Anna's fan, and then Anna comes in wanting to get counseling. Frost notes that she's finally here.