Anna sits down. Yoon asks her if she wants tea or coffee. Anna wonders if it's ok to talk to both of them at once.

Frost assures her its fine. In fact, Yoon needs to be present as well.

Anna wonders if Yoon is also going to be a psychologist. Yoon says yes, is relieved.

Anna then says she is being stalked. And it's been getting worse.

Frost asks her if she's contacted the police. The police needs to get involved depending on the severity of the crime.

Anna says it's a difficult situation, and when she heard that she can talk about problems at counseling, she had the feeling that she can get help here. Yoon assures her that yes, Frost is a genius. (That he is...)

Frost wants to hear more about this stalker.

Anna says that ever since the Wujin brother scandal incident (?), she's been having problems. Although these incidents seem unrelated she gets the sense that she's being watched all the time. Her personal blog has been hacked. Her photo in a private folder was leaked over the internet. She also got threatening emails. Then her favorite ring is gone. It's a special ring, from someone who really cared about her. Frost wonders about the ring - stalkers who like to take valuable objects. Some stalkers are highly educated. There are some who are delusional. [... unknown parts...] The stalker wants their target to obey their needs. If the stalker is rejected in the beginning, they typically walk away. However most victims don't do this, and missed out this early timing, so the stalker interprets this ambiguously.

Frost asks Anna if she replied to the email. Anna confirms. Yoon interjects that she shouldn't have. Anna asks why? Yoon says there is the strengthening effect (partial reinforcement). Stalkers would act more obsessed, so it's better to ignore the emails. Anna cries what should she do? Frost says that stalkers have a poor ego with distorted sense of a relationship - there are two ways: terminate the relationship or own the relationship. Frost then tells Anna to do as he says. Anna agrees eagerly.

Manager wonders why Anna's so late? They've gotta keep the schedule. Anna appologizes about doing something with the Professor. Manager wants to go immediately.

Assistant Yoon thinks Anna's a cute freshman. Thinks that Anna's stalker exhibit mixed patterns.

Anna opens the notebook in the van and sees instructions from Frost.

Frost wonders about the number of stalkers might be here in this case.