Continuing from last time, Frost asks Ms Stalker what she meant. Ms. Stalker says: I honestly thought the Cue girls would be disbanded after Sena's suicide, but Anna debut her solo album. Lena was left completely out cold. She ended up doing image shoots in an adult magazine. How could the two be treated so differently? Lena clearly should have been the remaining Cue girl.

In the meantime, Woojin gets told by his manager that they have to get going for the Japan tour. Thing will die down a bit after spending some time in Japan. Woojin tells his manager that he wants to go somewhere where he can be back briefly. His manager is outraged: hey! You're not going to talk to Anna are you? Woojin leaves and shuts the door.

The detective asks Anna's manager how to proceed. Does he want to press charges? Manager thinks it's not good to create additional attention, so he thinks to let the stalker go with some warning.

Frost contemplates on all this means - Sena's suicide, Lena, and Anna - how does it all fit? And the manager - such intense anger is not usual. There must be something else. <scene of child with dog> Emotions and feelings are learned. Emotions caused by suffering are especially strong. Even over time, when the memory is blurry, the emotions still remain. So when the same situation comes up again, there will be a tendency to over-react, almost like a reflexive response. <scene of guy punching> If anger is learned, then what's behind it?

Manager goes outside and talks to someone. Anna bought things for infants? Alright I'll go her way. Manager sees something shiny, picks it up and sees it's a ring. Who took this? Sena's image comes to mind. He puts it in his pocket.

In the parking lot, he overhears Anna talking with someone... Jung Woojin?

Woojin: Anna, why couldn't you understand? What the fuck is wrong with you?

Anna: My brother, it's hard for me too... Things were busy ... the Japan tour... didn't realize my period stopped... why?

Woojin: what did you say?

Anna: What are you doing to me?

Manager loses it, jumps out, and gives Woojin a punch in the face, in front of the camera pen and CCTV.