Yoon waits at the station when she hears the train slowly approaches. She looks at the headlines and sees "Hallyu Star Jung Woojin assaulted".

Two men gossip about the latest scandal. Do you think it's a triangle relationship, one asks? Nah.. the other responds, don't think so. But either way, the manager is caught red-handed.

Yoon goes and talks to Anna. Anna says that she meet with Woojin... (unknown...) something about break-up in Japan.

Yoon is upset that there is a child involved... to think Chung Woojin did something that big.

Back at the counseling center, Anna looks at the assault video.  How's Anna, Frost asks? She's at home, crying, Yoon answers. From what I hear, Yoon continues, you found the ring. So does this mean the stalker case is closed? (..Yoon mentions something about Woojin and Anna being separated, and something about a child.)

Frost wonders about the heart of a woman? Would she care to listen to his analysis?

After listening to his story, Yoon asks: so his manager loved Anna? It's difficult to be Anna, for a manager who developed feelings for her over the years as her protector. Frost mentions again about heart of a woman. Then he asks Yoon if she can go talk to Woojin. Yoon is flabbergasted: not everyone can just go talk to a star you know? Frost hands her an envelope - give this to him at the concert and he'll let you meet him. By the way, Frost says, I'll be near by, so call me, ok? Yoon protests: Professor!

Cutscene to Anna's studio. Her manager starts packing his bags. After 8 years, the only thing left is this bag? Manager sees the photos of the three cue girls and reminisces.

Cutscene to the airport. International flight arriving in Incheon International from Bangkok onroute to JiangXi later.

Frost looks at the two men. One appears to have been lost (?) or didn't know ow he got there. The other man is from Star Weekly and wants to get more info on Anna's scandal. Then Lina comes into the terminal. The reporters are buzzing: How would you describe your relationship with your manager when you were with Cue Girls?

Okay, I think I get a feel for where this case is headed. At the center of the story is the mysterious suicide of the Sena, who's like a mother figure to the protagonist.


I think the story should be renamed emotional resonance. I think Sena's death caused deep resonance with Anna... Anna probably is not pregnant but thinks she is... she is traveling the same emotional path that might have driven Sena to commit suicide in the first place. I'm not sure what the boyfriend did - but he might have willing play into Anna's hand, treating Anna like Sena.